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Press & Media

Journalists and other media personnel can contact us through this page. Ziffon India Press email is regularly checked and we respond to media enquiries on regular basis. We try and respond to media enquiries at the earliest, considering it was sent during our business hours.

Enquiries About Images

Ziffon India provides high definition images of their products on request. The pictures are only shared within India, subjected to Indian copyright rules and regulations.

Staff members of Ziffon India along with journalists working in different media (print, audio- visual, and internet) can request access of these images. Images are shared free of cost. However, the copyright of images stays with Ziffon India.

Press Release and Media Packs

Press Releases and Media packs can be found from this page of the website. Press releases and media packs, which are older than a year, are archived. You can request for them separately.

News & Product Updates

Company news and product updates will be provided in this page, of the website. Features and launch dates of new products will be updated in this page.

Store Opening News

News regarding opening of new stores, in different or same location, can be obtained from this page. We will update you regarding the new locations and inauguration date of our new stores in this page.

Information regarding change of (existing or upcoming) store location will also be provided in advance, in this page.

Company Statements

Statements made by the owner or board of directors of the company will be updated in this page.


Subscription to Ziffon India’s quarterly newsletters can be done from this page of the website. The newsletter is aimed at informing the readers about the new trends of the furnishing industry.

Non-Media Enquiries

If you do not wish to make a media enquiry then go to the Contact Us page of this website. The information provided in this page is mostly aimed at informing the press and the journalists. That is why sometimes the content of the page might not be suitable for children.