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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Ziffonindia.com. We offer you our in-store and online services to our customers across India. You can place your order by calling us and also by mailing us, upon agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Please go through the terms and conditions and revert to us if you have any queries.


The products we sell are all new and unused. They are not damaged. Ziffon India holds the right to ownership of any of their products, until the full payment is being made. We make sure that all our products are of exact dimension and colour, before they are sold.

There can be some minor alterations in the colour and dimension of the products, displayed online, depending on the size and resolution of your screen. However, if you have any queries, regarding it, you should ask in advance, before placing the order.

The Company reserves the right to change the product specifications, images, content and details in any manner without prior notice. So, you must clear your doubts before you place the order and not after that.


Taxes are applicable on the sales of any product as per the rules and guidelines of the Government of India. If you have queries about the final price of a product, you should clarify in advance.

Shipping Methods Adopted

For our bigger items like bed or sofa, we follow the white glove delivery method. In such cases we send trained specialists, at your destination, to deliver, unpack and assemble the product at your desired location.

We assure the highest level of assembling services so that you do not have to seek help from outside in assembling your items. Our trained specialists will also guide about the specific room and location of the furniture placement, in case you need help.

In cases of smaller items, which do not require assembling, we hire third party vendors like DTDC and SAFE EXPRESS to deliver the product at your home. However, the customer is fully responsible for assembling it and arranging it, at their desired location. Ziffon India would not be liable for any kind of damage inflicted upon the product, sent through third party vendors.

Full payment of the item needs to be made in advance in such cases. Shipping costs are chargeable depending on your location. The shipping time also varies in accordance to your location. Ziffon India will inform the customers about the estimated shipping time. We do not deliver our items outside Delhi & NCR.

Delivery Charges

Delivery and assembling charges are applicable in case of bigger items, which requires our technician and trained assistants to visit your place. Separate delivery charges will be applicable in case the customer is not present at his/her location on the pre-agreed date. However, this additional charge would be excused in case the customer informs us, about his/her unavailability, 24 hours in advance.

Delivery charges for products sent via third party vendors will be included in the price of the product.

Delivery Considerations

  • A time frame of at least an hour should be provided by the customer after the specified time of delivery, due to unforeseen circumstances
  • You can assign someone else to take the delivery on your behalf. In that case you have to inform us 24 hours in advance.
  • We inspect all our items prior to the delivery. In case of any damages caused by our technicians and assembling experts (in case of white glove delivery) the customer should give at least 24 hours to Ziffon India to replace the product/part.