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Privacy & Policy

This page is for the Privacy Policy of Ziffon India. This policy will help the website visitor to communicate with the website. The website is owned by Ziffon India Company, Inc. We respect the privacy policy and we operate this particular website, on these principles. We take steps in order to maintain integrity and also the confidentiality of the information you provide or you may provide.

Voluntary Information Submission

Our website can be used without sharing your information. We will not retrieve your personal information unless you yourself submit it. There will be occasions where we might ask you to fill your personal details.

This will be mostly in the cases where you are placing an order. We need your personal information in case we need to inform or update you about the status of your purchasing order. Whether or not you want to provide your details is up to you. However, you cannot make the purchase or place an order without providing certain personal details.

The information you provide us will only be used internally. We guarantee that the information will be registered and used only by us and our employees. Also you must be noted that when you submit your email id, we will keep that in our record. We will keep record of your purchases also. We might communicate further in the future.


Taxes are applicable on the sales of any product as per the rules and guidelines of the Government of India. If you have queries about the final price of a product, you should clarify in advance.


You must consider that we use cookies. Cookies are small files which are stored in your computer or smart-phones. It helps us to track down certain information. This kind of information helps us to understand the interests of our potential customers. With the help of this information we tend to enrich the experience of the future visitors of our website.

The cookies will help your browser to remember our website. It will help us to know the amount of traffic in our website. However, you should remember that this entire process does not enable us to retrieve any kind of personal information about you.

Personal information in the form of username or passwords is not stored by us, unless you choose to save it in your browser. If you have objections with our cookies then you can set your browser accordingly. Setting your browser will enable you to block our cookies.

Delivery Charges

Delivery and assembling charges are applicable in case of bigger items, which requires our technician and trained assistants to visit your place. Separate delivery charges will be applicable in case the customer is not present at his/her location on the pre-agreed date. However, this additional charge would be excused in case the customer informs us, about his/her unavailability, 24 hours in advance.

Delivery charges for products sent via third party vendors will be included in the price of the product.

Log Files

In addition to the cookies our web server collects all the default information which are logged by the WWW server software. The log files save the following information:

  • Object Request
  • Date
  • Complete Status of the Request
  • IP address
  • Time

We save these logs in order to improve the experience of the customers, in our website. We also use the logs to evaluate the overall demand of our site. The logs are also used for detecting any sort of errors that might occur in the site.

The logs are saved for an indefinite amount of time. It is necessary to keep these logs for detecting any threat of security breaches. It helps in protecting the integrity of the data you provide and also our servers.

Using the Collected Information

Any kind of information, gathered by us (whether voluntarily submitted by the visitor of the website or automatically collected by us) will be used for internal purposes only. The internal processes include the following:

  • Confirming your address and location
  • Processing your purchase request
  • Tracking your order

We also use the information in to provide suggestion on how to take care of the product, information regarding any new product, any kind of promotional offers and also our newsletters. However, each kind of information will be sent to you, upon your request.

Our policy is strictly not to disclose any of your information to any of the third parties, unless it is needed to process and deliver your order. The party vendors are rendered for processing credit cards, shipping your order or tracking your order.

We have a policy of not selling your information to any third party vendor. However, we reserve the right of transferring your information in case Ziffon India merges with any other company, either partially or entirely. In case of such transaction, we reserve the right to transfer your personal information as well as the non-personal information to our merging partner.

We also retain the right to disclose your information, if required, if we are asked to do by the law. We will provide your information in good faith with a strong belief that the act will help us protect our right in case of any sort of emergency.

We might as well also share your information in case of any ongoing investigation, aimed at stopping any sort of illegal activity. If we are approached by any legal authority we will reveal your information, in cases of frauds, violations of legal rights, or there is a threat to the safety and security of any other human being. If necessary, we are ready to cooperate with the Law of the nation at the cost of your personal details.

Security of Information

Our website will take responsibility of protecting our users’ personal information. We use encryption of data to ensure that information, you provide us, are entirely safe. However, it should be noted that any data transmitted through the internet is not entirely safe and secure. We will update you in case there is any update of our security practices.

For Children

We take oath to protect the privacy policy of the children. We do not collect any sort of personal information of people below the age of 13. In case any child under the age the 13, mistakenly registers with us, we will delete his/her data, on an immediate basis, upon the notification by the parent or the guardian.

Linking Other Sites

Our site might contain certain links to other websites. We do not have any control over those websites. The privacy policies of those websites are entirely different than that of us. Please read them before providing your personal information in such sites.