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about us

Ziffon India an ultimate destination for all your home and office furnishing needs.

Ziffon India is the leading name in modern home and office furnishing design in the country. With over a decade's experience in designing and delivering the finest products, we are the name to trust. Our professional staff is dedicated to provide you with the finest and most practical furnishing solutions.

We have been providing unparalleled services for kitchens, cabinets, wardrobes, and office work stations. When you are looking for a name to rely on, Ziffon India is your answer.

Inception and Growth

Ziffon India started its journey from 2005. From the very beginning, our focus was always on providing top class services and components for every design. Enabled with the latest state-of-the-art equipment, and a team of qualified expert technicians, we soon became one of the best in the industry.

Since then, we have only grown from strength to strength, with constant updation in design and technology. The company prides itself in being able to provide home and office owners with the true value of having well-designed and utility oriented storage and furnishing units.

We have recently launched our centralized design studio at Sector 10, Noida. This shift, along with the very best and sophisticated designs, has helped us to bring you the highest level of quality and precision.

Our Mission To Bring You The Ultimate Buying Process

Our mission is to provide custom home furnishing designs specially for your needs. Once you contact us with a query, our designer will guide you in choosing your ideal layout, components, and material that is best suited to your requirements.

Once you have decided, the designer will ask you several questions to get a clearer picture of your design concept. This will help them finalise and draw up the plans. Once you approve, a team of expert technicians will visit the location to get the accurate measurements.

Soon you will be a proud owner of your very own custom-made furnishing units, that is sure to become the highlight of your home or office. Our installation team will assemble all the components without causing you any inconvenience.

Ziffon India Vision Making your design idea come to life

At Ziffon India, we believe in taking your remodelling and furnishing ideas and turning them into a concrete and possible design.

With constant technical and design innovation, Ziffon India is dedicated to make your design ideas into high performance and superior quality home and office units.

The Ziffon India Experience

Designing a practical yet aesthetically pleasing layout is very important. At Ziffon India, we aim to offer you the best home and office furniture experience.

From picking out the perfect design for your homes, to helping you pick the best suited material, our team of experts will be at your side every step of the way. We will help you optimize the functionality of your storage and furnishing units.

Customer Delight a smile on every homeowner's face

We believe our work is not complete till you are 100% satisfied and smiling. Our designers, technicians, and even the installation teams will always put you first. Whether it is an initial query about home furnishing price, or you have given us the contract no project is too small for us.

Unlike many others, we believe in incorporating your inputs into the final design. Our designers listen to you and include your feedback into your final design. After all, it is your home, and your office.

With Ziffon, you can be guaranteed of receiving nothing but the very best home and office furrnishing experience. This is our promise to you.